Media in Presidential Election

President election  becomes a hot topic for the last few months. It turns to be a popular issue even though world cup is taking place at the same time. We can see that news television always showing something related to the election, such as the campaign, candidates activity and others.

The interesting part of today Indonesia presidential election is the existence of media among the candidates as well as the supporting team. Back to the previous elections few years ago, there was not so many media as we have currently. For instance, social-media like Twitter, Path and Facebook were not that popular as it is now, some of them might not even exist. Additionally, the number of social-media user is growing significantly since smartphone and internet-connection are less expensive nowadays. This gives benefit for candidates as they have another option to communicate their vision through social media.

Television also plays an important role to the presidential election, especially the news segment. Candidates can use this TV station to campaign themselves, sharing their ideas, knowledge and thoughts about their leadership strategy. Interestingly, TV station often to give a negative information against one of the candidate. This “attack” works effectively, since all of the good story, including the achievement, knowledge and capability are gone, vanish with the story. Sometime, TV station compile  information regarding one of the candidate and use them to build a negative opinion. Whenever this opinion released to public, their impression about one of the candidate will consequently be influenced.

Media can be beneficial for candidates, to socialize the voters about themselves since majority of  them have access to the media. The technologies and facilities should be used by candidates and their team to show to the public on how election and positive campaign should be. On the other side, public as a voters should also be aware about how to find the valid information, so we do not easily affected by any negative rumor.


how big is our brain

these words are attracting me so much. how big is my brain? is it big enough to cope with all things that i need to keep in my memory? or should it be ZIP and archived as a backup, so my brain has enough space to process everything faster? or can we defrag the memory, and sort it quickly so any information could be recalled any time faster. hehe, those silly questions just came to my mind.

Your surrounding does matter

I like to have a private room for me to do my working stuff at home. I oftenly re-arrange my desk so i can feel good enough to start my job, or at least to seat there and start to open my notebook.

Yesterday, i bought a second-hand desk. And yes it work again for me. I was sitting there for almost 6 hours without any break.
Though it is a second-hand desk, but it is still provide me a new surrounding.

Note: it is also cheap. Lol

and finally almost two years

Kira-kira begitu judul yang tepat, berhubung saya sudah lama sekali meninggalkan blog yang isinya mayoritas adalah aktivitas corat-coret tidak berguna ini. hehe

Not exactly 2 years, i deleted latest posts (some of them) since those are really blah-blah post which meaningless to be posted.

Jam 7 pun akhirnya berlalu

Intinya, jam 7 selalu menjadi jam yang ditunggu2 untuk banyak orang yang bekerja di sekitar daerah 3in1.
Rencana untuk kabur jam 7, tapi ngintip keluar eh mobil nya pada parkir di tengah jalan.
Sepertinya lebih baik untuk mengurungkan niat kabur jam 7, dan lebih baik menunggu parkiran nya bubar dulu 🙂

Begini nasib kerja di tempat yang tingkat probabilitas kemacetannya hampir mendekati nilai logic 1.
Menurut saya, mengeluh di blog ini lebih bermanfaat daripada ikutan parkir di tengah jalan raya. hehe


It is funny when I realize that I have spent more than 5 years in serving companies. I remember when I had graduation, I do planned to have a job but only for 1 – 2 years. At that time, the passion to learn, know at something is such a big obsession. I was often envy at those who was able to continue their study without thinking about tuition fee, living cost, etc. Yes, scholarship was there actually, but my mistake was to had a thought that scholarship will be there for long period (since now, European country that previously gave a free tuition fee, now is starting to give a certain amount of euro to the international student).
The funny thing for me is, I have never thinking to work in companies this far. I do enjoy things that I am doing right now, and honestly this is more challenging instead of learning in a class :). Since technology is rapidly changing and class room most likely won’t be able to cover all of them. The thing that comes into me now is about where am I heading to? Some of my friends have earned their graduate degree, although some of them have also decided to have a job, just like me. I am now still in the phase of finding a right path for my future. Yes it is a bit late, I know. I should have decided this few years back.
Anyway, 5 years was a noticeable time for me. Had a lot of new things, and it was good and nice to have. I guess for the time being, experience is the reward since I haven’t decided a clear goal to be achieved.